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what students say about cornerstone


What Students Say about Cornerstone

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Academic excellence is just one step away


That’s why Washington University in St. Louis created Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning.

At Cornerstone, undergraduates have access to the support services they need to succeed academically. When students want to take that extra step to move from comprehension to mastery, they can find the support they need at Cornerstone.

Cornerstone provides access to academic peer mentoring, giving highly motivated students structured assistance that improves comprehension, as well as grades.

In addition, Cornerstone assists students with essential study and test-taking skills, disability resources, and even financial aid in specific circumstances. Cornerstone connects first-generation college students to leadership programs and offers academic, research and career opportunities.

Cornerstone works. Research shows students in Cornerstone programs receive higher grades than their counterparts. Thousands of students take advantage of Cornerstone programs each year.


  • Mentor-led study groups, workshops, and help sessions for designated courses
  • One-on-one academic mentoring and coaching
  • Time-management and study skills instruction
  • Evening help-desks and residential hall-based peer mentors in writing, calculus, chemistry, and more

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The Danforth Campus' official source for students with disabilities or suspected disabilities. If you have received accommodations in the past or have any physical or learning or attention disorder, you may request accommodations and services to ensure equal access in the classroom.

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Trio is a federally-funded program administered by Cornerstone offering academic support, financial aid, assistance in preparing for graduate school admissions examinations, and student leadership training programs. In addition, cultural programs, summer internship assistance, and personal relationships with students are part of Washington University’s commitment to the TRIO Program. Eligible students include those who meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • First-generation college students
  • Students from low income families (based on federal guidelines)
  • Students who have a documented disability

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Work as an academic mentor!


Work as an academic mentor

Lead study groups, help desks, mentor students one-on-one, and many other opportunities...




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