Using accommodations

Step 1: Download Your VISA

  1. On the Cornerstone website, navigate to the CornerstoneConnect page
  2. Choose CornerstoneConnect Accommodate and login with your WUSTL Key.
  3. Scroll over the “Accommodation” tab on the green menu bar at the top of the page
  4. From the drop-down options click on the fourth option “Accessibility Letters”
  5. Find the “Verification of Individual Student Accommodation” letter and click on the magnifying glass icon to the left
  6. Select “Generate PDF”

Step 2: Share Your VISA With Instructors

Before using any kind of in-class or testing accommodations in a given course students are required to notify the instructor by sharing with them the Verification of Individual Student Accommodation (VISA) letter. The VISA will list all the classroom and/or testing accommodations for which a student is approved. If a student chooses not to share their VISA with their course instructors then the instructor will have no basis for providing accommodations.

Students are highly encouraged to share the VISA with their course instructors during the first week of classes. Waiting until late in the semester to share the VISA with instructors may jeopardize a student’s ability to use accommodations. The VISA can be shared through email or as a hard copy. Please take note of your instructors’ policies regarding how the VISA is shared.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Guide to Using Testing and Classroom Accommodations

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