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Faculty Exam Information Form

For Cornerstone to proctor your exam for a student with disabilities, complete the Faculty Exam form and use it to upload your exam to us.

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Syllabus recommendations

While you are not required to do so, we recommend including the language below in your syllabus. It sets clear expectations for students, which can make them more likely to approach you earlier in the semester. While it is difficult to create a model statement that will work for every class, the statement below is a good starting place. We are happy to discuss modifications that would better meet the needs of your class with you.

“Washington University is committed to providing accommodations and/or services to students with documented disabilities. Students who are seeking support for a disability or a suspected disability should contact Disability Resources at 935-4153. Disability Resources is responsible for approving all disability-related accommodations for WU students, and students are responsible for providing faculty members with formal documentation of their approved accommodations at least two weeks prior to using those accommodations. I will accept Disability Resources VISA forms by email and personal delivery. If you have already been approved for accommodations, I request that you provide me with a copy of your VISA within the first two weeks of the semester.”

Sample VISA

The Verification of Individual Student Accommodations (VISA) is the form that students provide to professors to verify that they have been approved for accommodations. You may tell students that you require them to be sent to you electronically, given in person, or given to a course master, TA, or assistant. You are not required to keep the actual forms provided by students.


Download a sample VISA (pdf)