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Housing Accommodations form

  • Washington University strives to create intentional, comfortable, and supportive living communities that create a seamless living and learning environment. We recognize that occasionally, students may need housing accommodations in order to be successful. This Housing Accommodation procedure, which represents a collaborative effort between Residential Life, Student Health Services, and Disability Resources, seeks to provide a student-focused process that allows students to receive reasonable housing accommodations based on medical need and/or disability status.

    For current students, this form must be completed and all supporting documentation attached to it by December 16, 2016. While the University works to provide all students with disabilities access to University housing, please note that the University is limited in its ability to approve housing accommodation requests submitted after this deadline. Students who submit late requests should be prepared to be placed as individuals instead of with chosen roommates.

    For newly admitted incoming students, this form must be completed and all supporting documentation attached to it by a date to be announced.

    This form may not be submitted without attaching supporting documentation. Students are encouraged to make sure they have their documentation before beginning this form.

    Please note that in addition to this form, to request special housing accommodations, students must also complete the Residential Life Online Petition and the Room & Board Application through WebStac before they will be considered for placement in housing through Residential Life.

  • Please note that any accommodations you may have received in the past are not automatically provided.
  • We are interested in knowing how your medical condition or disability affects you. Please include specific examples as appropriate.
  • Please note that it may not be possible for the University to implement housing requests received after the deadline.
  • Permission and Agreement

  • I give permission for staff of Disability Resources (DR) to share information about my disability-related needs on a need-to-know basis in the following situations:
    • With the staff of DR, who determine eligibility for students with disabilities and collaborate to provide accommodations to students
    • With members of the University's administration, faculty, and/or staff, including those in Residential Life and Student Health, for the purpose of determining reasonable housing accommodations.
    • Discuss my disability related needs with my parent(s).
    • Discuss my documentation with my evaluator
    I understand that this authorization may be withdrawn by me at any time by submitting a written, signed, and dated request to the Assistant Director of DR.
  • Submitting Your Documentation

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
    • In order to be approved for a housing accommodation, you must securely upload your documentation at the bottom of this form. If you have questions about what type of documentation is necessary, please review the University's documentation guidelines. Requests for housing accommodations will not be considered until a student has submitted this form with supporting documentation attached to it. Students who need assistance with scanning and uploading documents may go to Student Technology Services on the South Forty.
    • Residential Life will make reasonable efforts to consider a student's preferences for a specific housing assignment. However, our first priority is to accommodate your medical needs and/or disabilities.

      Residential Life does not grant dining accommodations. Dining Services is generally able to meet the needs of students requesting specialized meal plans due to disability or medical needs. If you are requesting a housing accommodation for one of these reasons, please include in your answer above a description of whether, and how, you have worked with the University’s chefs and the Director of University Nutrition to address your needs.

      Please note that residential housing is not a distraction-reduced environment. Accordingly, students are not granted housing accommodations for learning or attention disabilities alone.

      Please note that the University follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in granting housing accommodations for environmental allergens. Consistent with those guidelines, students requiring housing accommodations due to environmental allergens will be permitted to have allergen-proof fabric covers for bedding, a dehumidifier and/or HEPA filter air purifier.